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Do you take reservations for breakfast or brunch?

No, we do not take reservations for our breakfast/brunch service any day of the week or on the weekend.

There is one exception to this rule…

If you are a party of 8 or more and would like to make a breakfast reservation from Monday through Thursday (not available Friday-Sunday) we offer a $30 per person set breakfast menu for these reservations. These reservations are available with start times between 8-10am and be finished by 12pm and must be paid for in advance. If this is you, please email us.

Do you take reservations for dinner?

Yes, we take a limited amount of reservations through Resy. Please use the link available above to find a reservation at the Two Hands closest to you.

Are you open for Christmas or Thanksgiving?

We are open 363 days a year, the only 2 days we close for are Christmas and Thanksgiving. We are open every other day of the year.

Can I buy-out Two Hands for a private event?

Yes you can. We are open to taking requests for private events! FYI our capacity caps at 75 people, with 48 people sitting - 38 people at tables and another 10 around the bar.

Do you have a phone number, I can’t find one…

No, we do not have a phone number. Please email us and we will get back to you ASAP. If your request is urgent, please make that known in the subject line of your email.

Do you provide catering?

Yes we do. Please find the Two Hands location closest to you and email a request direct to them on our catering page. Or you can try our food delivery service for smaller orders by clicking on the DELIVERY button in the top right hand corner.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes you can. Any denomination, you choose!

“I’m a Social Influencer and I take amazing pictures of food, can I have a free meal in exchange for photos and promoting you to my followers?”

Thank you for the interest guys, we’re super flattered you’d love to eat here and tell your friends about it! Please feel free to visit us but we don’t offer complimentary food or drinks to media or social influencers ;-)